Prosecco DOC Treviso

“Mosnigo, Moriago e Fontigo i è tre paesi che non val un figo!”

(Mosnigo, Moriago and Fontigo are three hamlet that are not worth a dime!)

All those who live in Quartier del Piave are familiar with this common saying. The soil is alluvial and numerous pebble of variable sizes make it difficult to be cultivated and extremely permeable, thus creating problems of drought during the hot season.

The use of machinery and the possibility to irrigate the vineyards artificially, have changed things thus demonstrating that, with the necessary devices, the vineyards located in the pebbly territory alongside the River Piave can produce surprising wines.

Starting from these prerequisites and from the belief to be able to reach excellent results, we have decided to produce our Prosecco DOC Treviso in the so-called “grave” zone. Our wines have a low residual sugar and are characterized by a very fine non-invasive bubble. They reveal floral aromas and hints mainly of white pulp fruits, while the peculiarity of our land gives them a lingering savoury taste.

The outcome is a Prosecco perfect as an aperitif, for a light meal or fish dishes, with a lingering finish and fresh on the palate.


This Prosecco Spumante DOC Millesimato has a pale straw colour and a very fine and persistent perlage.

At nose, it has a fresh bouquet, with scents of geen apple and wildflowers.

At palate it shows itself harmonic and elegant, fruity and with a slight sage aroma. It reveals a good acidity and a long finish.

This Prosecco Spumante is perfect as an aperitif, it goes well with risotto and delicate fish dishes and any kind of dessert.


This Prosecco Frizzante DOC Millesimato has a light yellow colour and a fine a persistent perlage. It has a fresh and fruity bouquet, with hints of white pulp fruit.

At palate, it has a light and savoury flavor and shows a well balanced acidity which makes it harmonic and elegant.

It is a really versatile wine, ideal throughout the meal. This Prosecco Frizzante is excellent as an aperitif, it matches perfectly with appetizers, light first courses and fish dishes.


This Prosecco Frizzante Doc has a straw colour and a fine and persistent perlage.  At nose, it has a fresh and fruity taste, with pear and apple aroma.

At palate it has a light and savoury taste, with the right acidity which makes it balanced.

Extremely versatile, by many it is called an “easy to drink” wine, to be enjoyed with friends.

Excellent from aperitif to pasta dishes, this Prosecco Frizzante goes well with light meat and fish main courses.