Where we are

The Quartier del Piave
The winery is located in the municipality of Sernaglia della Battaglia, north of Treviso, in the hamlet of Fontigo, equally far away from Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.
The natural amphitheater among the largest in Europe, bordered by the Endemione, the Treviso Pre-Alps, the Col Visentin to the north and the Montello to the south, surrounds a flat area created by River Piave due to the melting of glaciers and called the Sernagliese plain or Quartier del Piave.

The land

The Sernagliese plain is characterized by two different zones: under and above “el slainà” (the difference in altitude). The highest part, the area where many villages have arisen, has a heavy soil rich in clay, while the lower part, which is the ancient bed of the River Piave, has an alluvial soil, pebbly, much more melted and rich in silt.

The climate

The two zones have a slight difference in altitude of only a few meters but the climate differs considerably.
The lower part (called “grave”), in fact, enjoys a bigger temperature range between day and night, due to the cold wind coming from the north, along the line of River Piave, which comes from the province of Belluno and is channeled in the ancient bed of the river.

This lower zone has been considered until recently not suitable for wine-growing due to the risk of late frosts, which can compromise the harvest, and due to the wetting during the night provoked by the high humidity level along that River Piave. Weather trend of last years and new agricultural techniques, have changed the unfavourable situation allowing very interesting results in wine-growing.