The winery history


Alessandro Trinca was a producer and wine merchant whose estates were located in Sernaglia della Battaglia and in Roncadelle (Treviso). He was one of the first subscribers of the “Società Enologica di Conegliano” with an act of 1869 which gave rise to the famous “Scuola Enologica” (Enology School of Conegliano).

Alessandro has always been focused on wine and his special interest for wine growing has led him to transform his “kitchen garden” (more than an hectare) into a vineyard where he cultivated different grapes varieties.


1868 – 1933
Cavaliere Antonio Trinca managed the estates inherited from his father until the end of 1800 (see the label of Cartizze). Due to the arrival in the region of Phylloxera Vastatrix, he decided to sell the estate of Roncadelle in order to build and run a factory for the production of silkworm seed, while wine production remained an activity almost for family use.

Wine growing and, more in general, farming became a hobby for the two following generations of Trinca although it remained a family passion. Therefore, they managed the estate of Fontigo as their main business only for the last years of their life.


After a scientific high school diploma, a university degree at “Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica”, Nicola Trinca served as a military officer in the Italian Alpine troops. Then he started working as employee in a trading company before moving in the IT sector. In 2008, he decided to invest all his energy in the family farm, thus reintroducing the tradition of viticulture.

Only after a few years of experience in this field, Nicola was certain of the quality of his grapes and, taking inspiration from the tradition of winemaking, he devoted himself to the enhancement of the final product by creating a versatile wine, well balanced and fairly dry as the name “Prosecco” suggests.